John Sader, Canada

Associate Professor
Department of Family Medicine
McGill University

Dr Sader is a family physician also trained and certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine since 1992. He has been working with patients challenged by all sorts of dependencies from alcohol and drugs to eating disorders, gambling and sex addiction. He is especially interested in the often present psychiatric comorbidities that accompany dependencies: anxiety disorders, depressive disorders and attention-deficit disorders to name a few. In the past, he has worked at a private treatment centre and was Assistant Medical Director for over 12 years of the 16 spent there. He has since moved on and recieves his patients in the context of a FMG at la Clinique 1851 as well as being the main physician for The Baca Health Group for eating disorders. Over the years, he has developped an expanded model of Generalized Anxiety Disorders that include 15 different sub-types and which infers new alternatives for treatment both pharmacologically, psychologically and behaviorally . Over the years, his experience has led him to develop a keen interest in tying- in principals relating to the physics of matter with those of the spiritual-immaterial-existential and how those intersections may relate to happiness.

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