- Workshops - B

Monday December 02, 2019 | 15:45 to 16:45


Dr. H. Mitchell Shulman
ER Procedures for non-ER Docs: Manage the airway; Place a chest tube; Get into the circulation. Skills to get you and your patient out of trouble
Westmount 1

Dr. Suzanne N Morin
What tools can we use to monitor and improve bone and muscle strength in patients at high risk for fractures?
Outremont 7

Dr. Natalie Skinner
Pediatric exanthems (Repeat)
Montréal 8

Dr. Michael Stein
Hands on workshop – Soft tissue and joint injections
Outremont 5

René Desautels
Pharmacological treatment of severe behavioral disorders in dementia (Repeat)
Westmount 6

Dr. Marty Teltscher
Choosing antibiotics wisely (PPT uploaded Nov 30)
Montréal 7

Dr. Nadia Giannetti
Optimization of medical therapy in heart failure: When and how?
Montréal 6

Stephanie Wong
Breast Cancer Screening: How Do I Know if My Patient is High Risk?
Westmount 2

Dr. Jean-François Yale
Type 2 diabetes interactive cases (Repeat)
Outremont 1

David Paul Kostiuk
ECG interpretation
Outremont 4

Belen Herrero PhD
Fertility preservation in patients with cancer
Westmount 4

Dr. William Buckett
Fertility preservation in patients with cancer
Westmount 4

Dr. Wendy Chiu
Hypertension in the elderly: A geriatrician's POV (Repeat)
St-Laurent 8

Mohan Radhakrishna
Is neck pain just a pain in the neck? (Repeat)
Outremont 6

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