- Workshops - C

Tuesday December 03, 2019 | 11:00 to 12:00


Dr. Zainab Khan
Ophtalmological emergencies
Outremont 1

Dr. Michel Elie
Anxiety in the elderly: A review
Outremont 4

Dr. Estelle Chetrit
The fussy infant: How to diagnose and treat common infancy conditions such as colic, GERD and food protein-induced allergic proctocolitis
Montréal 8

Dr. J. Scott Delaney
The painful shoulder exam
Outremont 5

Fiore Lalla
May I have your attention please….(The newest in the wild world of ADHD)
Montréal 6

Dr. Benjamin Z Schiff
MAiD 101: An overview from the perspective of a physician provider
Westmount 1

Dr. Samantha Cogan
Iffy about MIFE? Improving access to medical abortion in family practice
Outremont 6

John Sader
An update on cannabis in Canada over the first year of legalization
St-Laurent 8

Dr. Shirley Lee
No news is not good news: Improving your test results process
Westmount 2

Philip Wong
Fatty liver disease
Montréal 7

Dr. Alan Pavilanis
Approach to teenagers
Outremont 7

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