- Workshops - D

Tuesday December 03, 2019 | 15:45 to 16:45


Dr. Vincent Poirier
Is your patient fit to fly?
Outremont 7

Fadi Massoud
Practical consideration in the pharmacological management of Alzheimer's disease
St-Laurent 8

Dr. Thierry E. Benaroch
Pediatric orthopedics - When to refer
Outremont 6

Dr. J. Scott Delaney
The painful shoulder exam
Montréal 7

Maxine Dumas-Pilon
Lowering mortality: Adding ethical perspectives
Westmount 4

Dr. Brian J Ward
Understanding vaccines and vaccination
Outremont 1

Marc Billard
Regulatory and ethical aspects of retirement in Quebec
Westmount 1

Dr. Lucy Gilbert
Early detection of ovarian and endometrial cancer
Montréal 6

Miss Deborah L Abner
Wound care 101: What wound you do?
Montréal 8

Gad Friedman
Gluten sensitivity: Is it celiac, IBS or true sensitivity?
Westmount 2

Philip Wong
Fatty liver disease (Repeat)
Outremont 5

Fiore Lalla
May I have your attention please….(The newest in the wild world of ADHD) (Repeat)
Outremont 4

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